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My mom occasionally makes burritos for my family, when she does she makes by far the BEST BURRITOS IN THE UNIVERSE the burritos are just so amazing. I do not know what she does to make the burritos but I love them and they are my favorite food in the world, I happen to know she uses a lot of different ingredients. She uses hamburger, cooked with onions and garlic, corn, refried beans, black beans, cheese, spices, tomato, and salsa. You can make other things with these ingredients like tacos, if you don’t have any of the shells you can put it over chips and make nachos. You can also use the left overs to make chili.

Today is Cinco de Mayo which is on May 5, it celebrates the Mexican victory over the french at Puebla, the Mexicans had 4,000 poorly equipped solders, and the french had 8,000 highly equipped solders. This actually effected the united states because the french were planing to take over Mexico and use it as a base to support the confederates in the American Civil war. If the Mexicans hadn’t won than that battle the US might not be be what it is today.


Many schools are training kids for jobs that don’t even exist! At the same time many many jobs are going extinct. Some jobs are going extinct are Record stores, Camera film manufacturing, Crop dusters, Newspapers, Used bookstores, and Telemarketing because of various reasons. Most are because the internet and more efficient things are making them obsolete, for example Record stores are going extinct because on the internet  you can download songs instead on having to drive to a store. You can read about it on:

Meanwhile many new jobs are going to be created like maybe there would be artificial intelligence designer, or guy who builds teleportation portals, as jobs in the future. Many new jobs are going to be created because many new technologies are going to be invented, so people need to be hired to use those technology. Also instead of going to college like you do now you might just take online courses instead to get your degree. Of course there are many more jobs going to  be created than what i have listed and there are many more jobs going extinct than what I have said, these are just some.

I enjoy many technologies but I am not OBSESSED with them, there are also some that I don’t use like I don’t text. That is probably because I don’t have a phone, but some people obsess with texting and that can be really bad. Another thing that is bad is when people constantly stop doing ing homework and keep playing games or checking Facebook or other things. When I do my homework I just do my homework although occasionally I am interrupted by my cats jumping up on the table. By doing this I have notice that I do better than when I just get my homework DONE, than when I am constantly being interrupted by various things. I havent done a study on grades of different people and how they are effected by distractions, but I think that no distractions helps you keep you train of thought going so you do your homework more accurately and faster than than if you had many distractions going on around you. below is something I wish would happen;

Do you like it? I made it my self. Although the chances of this happening in the next twenty years are pretty small, it would be cool to have no distractions. I am glad that my parents don’t limit my computer time though I am not allowed on the computer until I finish my homework, unless my homework needs the computer. I do believe that distractions during your homework do effect your grade because you won’t do your homework as well and will get problems wrong.

Adventure Jordan, Azraq

Soon I will be going to Azraq in Jordan, Azraq is a wetland. We are going to go for our over night field trip to learn about Jordan. I hope to learn about the locals, the local wildlife, and the local plant species. I hope I have a good time at Azraq because I really enjoyed my last over night field trip. MY last field trip was to Wadi Rum, I really enjoyed it their my favorite part was when I climbed up the sand dune. That sand dune is a giant , at least five stories tall. Azraq is a amazing wetland with a species of fish only in Azraq.

I am hoping to learn about what made Azraq and how is this fish different from others. I hope I have some of my friends in my room,that would be fun. I know we are going to be learning about Azrac from different views, the view of a mathematician, a scientist, a geologist, and probably other occupations too. I am really exited that I am going to be with my friend, and also I am excited that I will be staying in a neat place for the night. I have heard about Adventure Jordan and everyone said it was fun.

Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V

Skyrim is Elder scrolls V (the fifth game in the elder scrolls in case you can’t read Roman numerals). It is an amazing new game about a dragon born who adventures through skyrim in a world called Tamriel. The game starts when the dragon born is on a prison carriage about to be executed (like most Elder scroll games you are starting in prison) then as you are on the head chopping block a dragon (which you later discover has the power of a god) swoops down and attacks the town, after explaining how to play skyrim you escape Helgen with one of two people. Then you head to Riverwood a town near Helgen and start adventuring and doing quests in any order at all or just wander around. Here is a picture of a skyrim cover.

As you are adventuring and exploring Skyrim you should notice it has some of the best graphics in all games ever made. One thing that is very good in Skyrim is that you can do any of the 200+ quests in any order quite a few quests have more than one way to do quests. I think you should buy skyrim it is only $59.99 which is not to much considering the amount of quests, the clearness of the graphics, and the amazing game quality over all.

Snow Day!

This last weekend we had a snowstorm we got about five inches in my backyard, that might not seem much to people used to multiple feet of snow but for Jordan in the middle east it is fairly hot all year and is the fourth driest country on earth so for it to get that cold  and that wet at the same time is a rare thing here. On the Thursday before they canceled school so we had a three day weekend they even canceled it for my dads work, so I had a wonderful family weekend. Doing many different things we don’t usually do like for example I made my first snowman on this weekend and I also had a minor snowball fight with my sister, Honor.

My snowy back yard

The snow was amazing i hadn’t seen real snow since I was three, I also made my first snow man and threw a few snow balls I also played a bit of Skyrim like I always do on weekends. It was also fun having my dad around to talk and do things with. On Thursday we gave a man a ride home because he couldn’t find his ride so we dropped him of at his hotel and went home so we did a good deed for this weekend too. I absolutely love snow and I hope you do too. GO SNOW!

This week is middle school computers we have been working on a project. The project was called the Wish-list Project, what we were supposed to do was: we were given 9000$ (pretend) and we were supposed to buy seven to ten technology related items for a total as close to 9000$ as possible, we need a picture of each item, a description of an item and its price. In our presentation we were supposed to have a title slide, slides of all our items, and a thank you slide. Also we were supposed to have no more than four lines on each slide and no more than six words on a line (not including the title). If you want to see mine type in (if you click on the link and it has problems copy paste it in and it should work fine):

While working on this project I experienced Google docs and Google presentation. For Google docs it is pretty much like Microsoft word except it is missing a few features like being able to insert equations like pi/π. (by the way it is 3.1415926535…). It also has a lot of moved features like file, edit, etc are below where they are on Microsoft word. But those are minor things so I think Google docs is good. One thing Google docs does that word doesn’t is that you can access it any where as long as you log in to G-mail, a drawback to that is if you want to edit or share your Google docs page on an airplane is that you need to have internet to access it so you can’t get to it on the go. Google presentation is also like and different than PowerPoint in the same way that Google docs is similar and different than Microsoft Word, You can’t insert symbols and File, Edit, etc are moved down. Those are still very minor problems but I think they should add it because on my wishlist project I bought a math clock (2 actually) and in my description I wanted to include what was nine on the clock which was 3(π-3.14) although it isn’t perfectly accurate it was cool ( the real answer was 9.004777961…) and I had to chose another number for my description. I think that Google docs has drawbacks just like any program but they are mostly minor here. So I recommend using Google docs for some Word document or presentations.

I think that in the next five to ten years (I hope) there will be electronic tables that are hard to destroy, have a touch screen like a tablet, and also the table can do many different things, while many different people are touching it at the same time. Unfortunately it currently costs a lot, too much for most schools to buy a few hundred plus tables. Everyone will also have a computer in school so you can do things electronically. To stop kids from going on Facebook, Twitter, or game sites the school could use a cyberoam so that you can’t. Here is a picture of a table that practically fits the description, it is a SMART table. I would guess SMART would stand for something because it is all caps, but I don’t know what it is. To learn more about the table below, (as in what it can do, not come buy it) at:

Also some things that would be cool but probably wont be able to get wide use for another ten to twenty years. Would be a phone or other hand held device that has a projector and the teacher has one that connects to all of the students phones, so that the teacher could teach at her house, and while the students are in the bed or somewhere else in their house they could be learning. Or maybe their could be videos that teach you every thing you need to  now from your alphabet to pi’s square root. Though we would have to greatly increase our memory for the previously mentioned method to work, it would be cool to not need to go to school for eight hours every day for at least thirteen of years.

I think it should depend on what purpose they are using the phone for, that should be deciding whether or not you should be able to use your phone during school. You should be able to use it for any purpose during lunch, and use the phone to call people in the hall at anytime as long as it is important, not “Blah blah blah blah”. For example telling parents or guardians what plans are, informing parents about going on the bus or being picked up or even staying after school or going home with a friend are valid reasons. I think it should be allowed for you to use your phone any time for good purposes, for bad/not useful or gaming purposes students should only be able to do so at lunch.

The school should not be responsible for lost phones, that way kids and parents learn not to send $1,000 phones with them every day even if they are going to sit in the bag all day. One example of a phone way to expensive for school is the phone below. In other words I think you should be able to call people during school if it is important, but not games unless it is at lunch.

My Cats

Hi, I am Brian, I like cats a lot. I adopted three cats, I found them in a bush outside my house. I noticed one day the mom cat stopped feeding them so me and my family brought them inside and cleaned them, took them to the vet, and at first only let them in one part of the house, so they don’t get lost in our house.

My cats names are Ninja, Pixie, and Pumpkin. Ninja, who is a dark orange and smallish (not really small) cat, got her name by standing up on her back legs and doing a double karate chop into my ribs as I was siting on the couch. Pixie, who is a gray cat who has a little pink shade when you look at her at certain angles, got her name by being so graceful and never tipping anything over (other than spoons which she purposely bats of the table when I am eating cereal). Pumpkin, who is orange, is really big and really fluffy and loves to snuggle. Ninja and Pixie are girls, and Pumpkin is a boy.

Above is Pixie and Pumpkin investigating bubble wrap.